Argo NE




Argo NE is a continuation and expansion of the concept of two previous detectors, Argo and Optima which have gained widespread popularity amongst metal detectorists.

The detector can operate on two frequencies which ensures that it can work in most situations, providing a universal solution. The detector is ideally suited for experienced detectorists with moderate or advanced levels of knowledge.

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zdjęcie-304 zdjęcie-304

Two frequencies: 6.6 kHz or 16 kHz
Frequency Shift
Hot rock adjustment
Reaction speed (ground filters) - 3 levels
Short signal masking - 7 levels
Threshold level
Threshold tone
Audio gain
Tones: 1, 5 and 3 users programm
Three modes of operation: motion, non motion and dual mode
Discrimination (-90 to +90)
Sensitivity (0-75)
Notch (20 notches)
Speaker volume
Built-in wireless audio transmitter
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) - 1630 g
2 years from date of purchase
Argo NE detector with 28cm DD search coil and protective covers

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