RUTUS Expert team

We are proud to announce the creation of the RUTUS Expert team - detectorists who use our products in the pursuit of uncovering history. Meet them in 2019 at the Rodney Cook Memorial Charity Detecting Weekender 6-8th September and at Detectival 2019 13-16th September - just look out for the Rutus Expert Team logos. Check out their site, Youtube, App, Instagram and Twitter accounts where they'll be sharing finds, hunt stories and tips for using our detectors.


Alter71 version 2.0

From December 17, 2018 Alter71 will be produced in version 2.0. A list of changes: Iron volume 4 user programs 2 levels of ID sensitivity ID in the range 1-120 or -90 +90 Information about proper Ground balance Sensitivity indicator on the operation screen Volume and Wireless independent of programs Please contact local dealer for information about possibilities and conditions of updating.


New sniper coil & straight middle stem

In May 2018 we will release the 12 cm concentric search coil for Alter71 and Argo NE. The new straight middle stem to these detectors is available now.


Share your finds

Do you use a Rutus detector when searching with your permissions? Would you like to share your finds with us for publication on our website? We would be honoured to post pictures with a description and/or story.


Alter71 ver. 1.1

From 10 April 2017 we have introduced a new and improved software version for the Alter71 metal detector. List of the modifications contained in Version 1.1: Users wishing to update should contact with their local dealer.

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