Search coils

Improve your searching success by selecting a search coil which matches your searching preferences

zdjęcie-94 zdjęcie-94

DD 28cm search coil

A universal search coil, designed for searching in 95% of areas
450 PLN + 15 PLN shipping

CC 23cm search coil


A search coil for areas where there is a lot of rubbish

zdjęcie-100 zdjęcie-100

zdjęcie-724 zdjęcie-724

CC 12 Sniper search coil


Intended to searching for coins in extremely littered areas. Due to its small size, it has a small range but excellent separation and the ability to detect micro-objects of metal, e.g. fragments of jewelry.

DD 23cm search coil

Ideal for small coin and jewelry searching
zdjęcie-794 zdjęcie-794

Lower stems

The lower stems for the search coils are available in 3 lengths (52, 62 and 72 cm) with the screw and 3 rubber cable ties for the shaft. The lower stem of medium length is sold with the detector.



Straight middle stems

Straight middle stems for Alter71, Argo NE, Ultima detectors

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