A metal detector where you can decide how advanced the software you will be running. If you are a beginner or you like "turn on and go" products then the recommended mode is "Basic". If you require full control of the device then the recommended mode is "Multi". The Atrex comes preloaded with "Multi" software, "Basic" is downloadable from the website and can be changed yourself thanks to the built-in WiFi module.


Simultaneuos Multi Frequency - technology that improves the detector's detection properties both in wet and conductive soils (on beaches) and in soils with high magnetite content. With Atrex, you can search on wet beaches, swamps and peat bogs just like you would on dry sand.


Multifilter - a function working "in the background" of the detector's normal operation. Significantly increases the effectiveness of the detection of non-ferrous metal objects in highly mineralised soils.


Electromagnetic interference preview screen - from now on, choosing the operating frequency will be easier.

The new color display is very little susceptible to the effects of low temperature and always works just as fast.

A new wireless receiver OS-2 and wireless headphones SR-1 works with Atrex.

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Built-in Wi-Fi module for software changes
Built-in wireless audio transmitter working with wireless receiver OS-2 and wireless headphones SR-1
Color TFT display
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and black coil - 1630 g
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and white coil - 1785 g
Working time from 20 to 40 hours
Multi Frequency work in range of 3.6-18.6 kHz
Frequency adjustable between 4.4 kHz and 18.6 kHz in steps of 0.2kHz
Automatic Ground Balance
9 factory programs + 5 users
Modes of work: Motion with discrimination, All metal, Dual
Sensitivity - 99 levels
Discrimination: range 0-120 or -90 +90
Notch - 180 notches
Hot rock adjustment
Reaction speed (ground filters) - 8 levels
Small Target Boost
Noise level preview
Threshold level
Threshold tone
Threshold sensitivity (All metal channel)
VCO (20 levels)
Audio gain
Iron volume
6 factory preset sound profiles + 3 user programmable sound profiles
ID type (range 0-120 or -90 +90)
Display information hold time
ID gain
BASIC SOFTWARE (downloadable)
Automatic Ground Balance
5 factory programs: Beach, Forest, Park, Field, All metal
6 factory preset sound profiles
Sensitivity - 75 levels
Discrimination: range -90 +90
2 years from date of sale
Atrex detector with 28cm DD coil or with 29 cm DD white coil, protective covers



Atrex is available in two versions: with DD28 cm coil (black) or DD29 cm (white). The difference between the coils: the DD29 cm is noticeably heavier by 160g, due to the color it is less susceptible to mistuning on the sun in non-motion mode and due to the stiffer structure it is more stable when working in bushes or on stubble.



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