Softwares for the Versa and Atrex detectors

Name Description File
Versa NC 3.7 version NC 3.7- list of changes to download in the "Manuals" page Download (.rut)
Atrex MF 3.4 version 3.4- list of changes to download in the "Manuals" page Download (.rut)
Versa NC 2.44 version NC 2.44 Download (.rut)
Versa 1.71 version 1.71 Download (.rut)
Atrex Multi 2.0 version 2.0.0 - change in Multi Frequency operating algorithms, recognition of coil type Download (.rut)
Atrex Basic version 2.0.0 - recognition of coil type Download (.rut)

Software change instructions:


1. Using a laptop, tablet or phone with Internet access, open and download the appropriate version from the "Software" tab.


2. Save the software file (e.g. Basic2.0.0.rut) to a known location (Downloaded or desktop). Do not download the file more than once, as the system will add "(1)", "(2)", etc. to the end of the file name. If the file name is "Basic2.0.0 (1).rut" instead of "Basic2.0.0.rut" then such a file will not be loaded.


3. Disconnect the coil before reprogramming the detector.



a). ATREX: switch on the WiFi module in the menu. The activation of the module is monitored by the detector's main processor and if successful the letters "On" will be black. The battery indicator lighting up yellow indicates that you have to replace the battery, the detector will not power on.


b). VERSA:

The WiFi module in Versa turns on automatically when the Radio screen is called up. If the battery level is too low, the battery symbol with an exclamation mark will appear, the battery should be recharged.


5. Expand the list of wireless networks on your laptop (tablet, phone) and connect to the MyRutusDetector network. If the device asks for the trust level of this network (e.g. "Is the network private or public?") then set this trust level as high as possible.


NOTE: Uncheck the "Connect Automatically" box next to your default network.


NOTE: If you are using a mobile phone, disable mobile data transmission on the phone before connecting to the MyRutusDetector network.


NOTE: Depending on what operating system your device you are using to connect to Atrex is running, the wait time for the MyRutusDetector network to appear can be several tens of seconds. In some cases, you will need to refresh the list of wireless networks.


NOTE: The MyRutusDetector network connection is not an internet connection. The detector and the devices connected to it via WiFi do not have access to the world wide web.


6. Run any web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome etc.) on the laptop (tablet, phone) and enter (without www or https) in the URL/Address bar and press Enter (or Go/Search depending on your browser/device).


7. A web page generated by the detector's WiFi module will open.


8. Using the "Browse" button, select the software file (e.g. Basic2.0.0.rut) from the save location (e.g from Desktop).


9. Use the "Upload" button to start uploading the file from your laptop (tablet, phone). Uploading a file can take up to a minute or two (the data transfer rate of the WiFi module is very low due to power saving).


10. When the file is uploaded, it will appear in the list of stored files.


11. The "Flash" button is used to start the reprogramming of the detector. The "Delete" button is used to delete a file from the WiFi Router memory.


12. After starting the detector reprogramming process, a page will appear on the laptop (tablet, phone) informing about the progress of this process. It takes about two minutes, during the reprogramming the image on the detector screen may disappear. After the reprogramming is completed, the Atrex will power off, Versa will power on and the following message will display in your browser: "Firmware successfully flashed. Now you can turn on your detector with new firmware and close this web page."


13. Versa: After reprogramming, turn off the detector, connect the coil and turn on the detector.

14. If an error occurs during the reprogramming process, the message "Something goes wrong" will appear instead of "Firmware successfully flashed. Please try again." Use the "Go Back" button to return to the first page and start the process again. If the WiFi connection to the detector breaks, wait until the detector shuts down, as the reprogramming process will still work correctly.


NOTE: The "flash.log" file that appears after the programming process in Versa is completed is a file intended for use by our company's service for diagnostic purposes of the WiFi module - in the event of problems with reprogramming. The user can delete this file from the device's memory at each subsequent reprogramming.


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